FIFA 21: TOTW 31

FIFA 21: TOTW 31

FIFA 21 selects the Team of the Week 31. The TOTW, as it is often called, encompasses the players who have shown the best performance on the last day of the main domestic leagues. They are now available at the opening of envelopes for a limited time or in the transfer market.

In the selection, names such as Alex Sandro or Griezmann stand out. The Frenchman from FC Barcelona is the player with the highest average rating on the team: 90. If we look at his individual statistics, 92 dribbling and 89 shooting and passing make him a card that gives a really interesting boost to your team.

On the other hand, EA Sports has highlighted the merits of Bravo, the Real Betis goalkeeper. He is the substitute goalkeeper of the squad, but the 81 average of him can give play in the challenges of creating squad.

Then we leave you with the complete list of players:

Starting team

PT: Dúbravka (86, Newcastle)

CB: Kimpembe (87, PSG)

LI: Alex Sandro (86, Piemonte Calcio)

CB: Niakhaté (84, Mainz)

MC: De Paul (86, Udinese Calcio)

CAM: Klaassen (84, Ajax)

MC: Claude-Maurice (84, Nice)

ST: Griezmann (90, FC Barcelona)

EI: Oscar (85, Shanghai)

ED: Malinovskyi (84, Atalanta)

DC: Yilmaz (84, Lille)


PT: Bravo (81, Real Betis)

CB: Evans (83, Leicester)

MC: Hector (81, F.C. Cologne)

MD: Tsygankov (83, Dynamo Kiev)

DC: Payet (84, Marseille)

ST: Wood (82, Burnley)


DC: Plunger (82)

CAM: Evander (80)

MI: Puado (79)

DC: Armstrong (79)

ED: Santos (78)

DC: Grigg (75)

FIFA 21 can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And don’t forget you can always buy FIFA coins at Futeamgo!


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