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How to Find a Good Afro Salon

8 Comments 03 July 2013

How does one find a good afro salon in London or any other UK city?

NoScrunchie is the UK’s only dedicated afro salon listings site that takes into account client reviews, with more than a thousand salon experiences shared within its fast growing community. Not everyone has found a salon that they’re happy with – and that’s where NoScrunchie comes in. We want everyone to find the great salon experience they deserve.

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NoScrunchie caters specifically for afro or curly hair because the problems faced in black hairdressers are unique to this market. To grow healthy afro hair requires an investment of both time and money, so the last thing you need is a hairdresser ruining your good work.

NoScrunchie conducted a survey on things that women would like to change in afro salons and highest on the list was time keeping. It never seems to matter what time you arrive at the salon; you always seem to leave at closing time! And why do they wash or un-plait your hair and then decide to fit two clients in between?


Due to the lack of regulation in the black hair salon market, anyone can do your hair which is extremely worrying when the options include applying chemicals found in relaxers or hair dyes. One of the items NoScrunchie asks clients to rate is the skill of the hairdresser.

The other things that ladies are asked to offer ratings on are:

• Honesty of hairdressers as a lot of stylists claim to have the ability to do hairstyles that they shouldn’t attempt
• Seeing the same hairdresser on each visit (staff turnover is quite high in afro salons and just as you have found one good stylist, she leaves!)
• Price is obviously a big factor but came number 5 in our survey as a lot of professional black women are willing to pay good money for the right balance of skills and customer service.

Other complaints included the overall look of the salon, lack of clean bathrooms (in 2013 no less) and appalling customer service. (Yes afro Caribbean salons; offering a cup of tea will not break the bank). So if you are looking for an afro salon, visit No Scrunchie and filter by area or hairstyle and you will get listings of local salons and their reviews.

And when you have been to the afro salon, do return to No Scrunchie and give a review to improve everyone’s salon experience.

NoScrunchie verifies a fair percentage of the reviews to try and weed out any malicious ratings. We are pleased to hear from good salons that want to use these reviews to improve their service. If you own or run a salon and want to know how to promote your salon with NoScrunchie, please contact us.

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8 Comments so far

  1. Aneitha says:

    I have been scrolling Google for how many hours it seems today looking for a good professional, qualified, trustworthy afro Caribbean hairdressers. Thank God I found your website. Seriously!!! Thank you for creating this website and discovering & mentioning NoScrunchie.
    My hair is highly damaged right now, breaking like crazy till the back and sides of my hair is like pepper grain and I don’t know why. So I desperately need to find a good hairdressers to save my hair. I’ve found two, that I’ve now stored in my phonebook 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Connie says:

    I am very happy to see this sight as I had given up on going to hairdressers long time ago due to all of the points highlighted already plus more. Yes I would go in with a request and photo of style hoped for and leave with a totally different look. Had scalp burnt from relaxer etc etc.
    But my main reluctancee now, being older is I don’tt want my receding hair line and cotton thin hair to be exposed in a shiny trendy hairdressers were all the other woman are persuad thicklusciouss hair.
    Where are the salons that provide privatarrearsrs so that at least when you having your weave plaiting done you can have somindividualal attention to talk about stylemaintainsce etc.
    I now only deal wiMobilelie hairdressers who do home visits and more times then none may apply a decent enough weave but cutting and styling falls short and that salon finish would be the icing on cake.
    Id love to return back to salons but would need a vspecialcial salon with attentsensitivesive staff and skilstylistsists for all the sister out there with Naomi Campbell hair lines……

  3. Nicky Don says:

    I would love to recommend ‘The Salon’ I found in Reading. This Salon has just relaxed, washed, cut and re-styled my daughters hair. She looks amazing the service was excellent and she has ended up with the best hair style she could have ever got from any salon top salon in london. It cost £45.00. The Salon does both european and afro hair. Brilliant!!

  4. Joanne says:

    This sounds like a great website for afro hair. I am quite tired of the treatment I get in afro salons and had given up on them. I will check this site out and see if there are really any good salons out there.


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