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Avon BB Cream for Dark Skin

3 Comments 17 March 2013

I’ve heard so much about BB cream but never had the opportunity to try one so I was very pleased to receive a sample of the new Avon BB cream for dark skin earlier this month.

BB cream (soon to superseded by CC cream perhaps) is short for Beauty Balm and Avon’s Ideal Flawless Skin Loving Beauty Balm promises to smooth and hydrate skin, is mineral and vitamin E infused, is SPF 15, even skin tone, conceal flaws and make skin look better even after you remove it.

The BB cream comes in 6 shades:

Avon BB Cream for Dark Skin

Medium beige
Natural beige

I got to try medium and natural beige, and nutmeg.


If you’re very fair I think the natural beige will suit; if you’re more of a Thandie Newton, the medium beige and if you’re no darker than me, the nutmeg. While Avon should certainly be applauded for actually bothering to consider dark skins, I think they need one or two more darker/deeper shades to be all inclusive.

The cream itself is lovely; it’s like a lightly tinted creamy foundation and it does feel very nice against the skin. The Avon BB cream is quite hydrating and gives a light and natural coverage on the skin. It obviously works on me as someone told me I looked well on the school run this morning and the only thing I’d done differently was wear the Avon BB cream. I really like the creamy finish it leaves on the skin. It  gives light coverage and really does even out the skintone.

As far as I’m aware, Sleek are the only other company that does a BB cream for dark skins (which I’ve not tried) so at £12 for 30ml. I think the Avon BB cream is definitely worth a try.

Avon’s Ideal Flawless Skin Loving Beauty Balm – Was £12, currently £6.99/30ml

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  1. Sister P says:

    Thanks for the info! I googled BB cream and found your review for dark skin. I’ll try it. I was considering Garnier, but it didn’t seem dark enough and I sure don’t want to look ashy! ;o)

  2. Janice Banks says:

    This is great, like you I could not find one in a darker shade. I plan to try it soon.
    Thanks for the info!

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